Thursday, October 20, 2016

Review: eShakti

I always thought of eShakti as a dress company. Though I was vaguely aware of skirts and blouses, I had not yet seen their pants. But when I went through all their options, I fell in love with just that... A pair of high-waisted pants!

High-waisted pants are my favorite! I find them to be very elegant and comfortable. This particular pair reminds me of both Katherine Hepburn and Dharma from Dharma & Greg. They look vintage and classy, yet also quirky, fun and a little zen. I feel like I could wear them to fancy Christmas dinners as well as on trips to the farmers' market.

They were custom-made to my measurements. I was a little nervous about measuring it myself, even with help. And so -thinking it would be easier to put a belt on than to hold my breath all day- I opted to go an inch up in the waist, which turned out to be a very good decision. (I did the same with the overall length too, by the way, as pants can often "wrinkle" up a bit as you wear them.)
The waist is elastic. I still found it a bit tight the first time, but it stretched to a comfortable size with wear.

The fabric is a nice velvet. Not thick, but not at all flimsy either. Very wearable, and pretty too. Dark velvet is tricky to photograph, but I think you can see how it changes from red to deep burgundy, depending on how the light hits it.

I am also very happy with the embroidery. It's machine embroidered onto the garment. So it's not an applique, nor is the print cut off in any hem or whatnot. It isn't bulky or very stiff, so it still moves well too... It's perfect, really.

A silver satiny polka dot fabric has been used on the inside to make pockets and a trim. It looks quite fancy, I think!

Also, I'm a sucker for good pockets. And these pants have very good pockets! Deep and roomy in the front, so there's plenty of room for a cellphone, wallet and the like. And smaller and more subtle in the back, so as not to mess with your silhouette in any unflattering way. Whoever made these put a lot of thought and care into them!

I kept the outfit for these pictures very simple, but I'm very excited about all the possible combinations I could make… Lots of color and flowers? Or a burgundy top and some bling for evening wear? I know they'll accessorize very well!

Anyway, eShakti is a great place to shop. Especially if you have trouble finding garments for your measurements, or if you want the option of different necklines and sleeve/skirt lengths. And it's cheaper than going to a tailor. Also, they have a few gorgeous owls in their collection! Like this skirtdress and -my absolute favorite!- this awesome sweatshirt.

It has been wonderful working with eShakti again. Communication was fast and easy, my custom garment was finished within two weeks and the overall result is beautiful and well made. I'm also glad they keep an eye on their factories so that their workers are paid and treated fairly. Something you can read about more if you follow this link.

Find out more about eShakti on their website, or follow them on FacebookPinterest or Twitter.

P.S. I was given an item to review, but was encouraged to honestly share my own experience and opinion.


  1. they look so good on you - very cute :) :)

  2. gorgeous skirt lovely! And those shoes....

    Tatyana x

  3. Oh I love these, they look so comfortable and so pretty too. The pattern of the embroidery is just lovely as well and the colour is perfect for this time of year. - Tasha

  4. Fantastic post! Thank you so much for sharing.

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  5. These are gorgeous, I love the embroidery!

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