Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Owl Things Considered

I was so happy to stumble upon two talented ladies that bring woodland into your home. Orwell and Goode have made an exquisite line of furniture and home decor featuring owls, badgers and foxes. It really is stunning!

They've incorporated the same three designs into pillows, pouffes and ottomans, but they're all very different color-wise which is quite clever, because that way one of them is bound to fit into your home's color scheme.

They'd probably blend into any environment, but if you're a little messy -like me- they have the advantage of elevating any randomly scattered items or piles of books to something you might find in a home decoration magazine.

The ottomans and pouffes are quite an investment, but if you still want the illustrations in your home and have a smaller budget, there are also wooden coat hooks available. A set of three, or separates...

And if you're getting by on a student budget -or just have some wall space to fill- you could always just get the affordable, yet adorable, set of prints and frame them yourself. (Or hang them with wash pegs… I always think that looks incredibly cool too!)

There are some other designs and items available as well, so check out the actual shop if you'd like to see more.

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  1. Love these! I particularly like the pouffes, although I can't choose between the 3 designs which one I like the most! <3

    xo Amy | I Am Adorkable


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