Friday, September 4, 2015

Lovely Series: Love Child

Three weeks ago I happened upon a television show called Love Child. I saw one episode on tv and as I was instantly hooked, I was relieved to find the rest of the episodes on the network website. Today I watched the last episode.

The show takes place in '60s Australia, a time in which illegitimate children were still quite unacceptable. Young pregnant girls would be dropped in homes until they'd given birth and put the child up for adoption. In Love Child you follow a group of pregnant girls as well as the people that run the adoptions and/or the hospital. Now this all sounds rather sad and serious, and though it definitely is at times, it really also is a fun show the watch.

There are lots of lovely characters. In fact, most are very likable. The group of pregnant girls is very close, despite their different personalities, and they really stick up for each other. Pretty much everyone -not just the girls- has a backstory and that really makes you feel and root for them. Well, most of them anyway. There are some twists as well, which I won't give away. Some of it is pretty predictable, but that didn't make it any less enjoyable to watch.

The second season was recently released and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll air here soon too...

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  1. Ah this sounds like a definite watch for me, thanks for the heads up :)


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