Friday, July 10, 2015

Lovely Movies: From up on Poppy Hill

Whenever I find a Studio Ghibli dvd I know I need to jump at the opportunity quickly. (I unfortunately learned this the hard way.) Recently I got lucky and found From Up On Poppy Hill, which I'd been wanting to see for quite some time.

It was adorable. Though not at all magical, which is quite unusual for Studio Ghibli. However, it is unmistakingly Studio Ghibli. The music, the drawing style, the overall atmosphere… even the personalities of the characters.

Anyway, I was so stoked to cross another one of these movies of my list! I still have quite a bunch to go, but I've seen the majority of the feature films now, and though it's getting harder, I won't give up on tracking down the last ones!


  1. This is one of my favourite films, its so cute and romantic =]

  2. Oh! I've never heard of this one before! I need to check this out!

  3. This one is definitely a favorite of mine :)


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