Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cast Off: Surrounded by Owls

I was bound to make an owl sweater at some point, wasn't I? This Kate Davies pattern is just so beautiful, as was the yarn I used. It took a while to make, and a whole lot of buttons, but it was so very worth the time, money and effort!

Of course it's completely the wrong season to be wearing it, but I'm still glad I finished it now. And who knows… some cold summer night I might still get some use out of it. And otherwise I'll just be ready when Autumn comes.

There's actually another owl sweater -with a lace pattern instead of cables- that I'll also be making, but before I cast that one on I have some other projects to do. Including designing my own little owl item, but more on that later...


  1. Laura! This is absolutely amazing! So beutiful, the color and yarn, and everything :) Congrats on a great result!

  2. This is awesome! Gorgeous jumper - I love how at first glance it just looks like a pattern but then when you get up close: hello there owls :) x

  3. oMG so cute!!! You're so talented!!!!!

  4. Oh wow, I love the owl detailing on that!

    ~ K

  5. Omg its so cute =]

  6. This is so amazing! Beautiful job :)

  7. So awesome! The color you used is PERFECT too :)


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