Saturday, April 4, 2015

"L'amour est comme l'oiseau de Twitter…"

Being a blogger, it is perhaps strange that I have very mixed feelings about the internet. I absolutely love the blogging community, but do think that other social media are heading in a scary direction. This animation shows that so well.

I've never been extremely fond of Stromae, but I really do appreciate he is using his fame to send out a wake-up call like this. The music video is beautifully made too! And the story makes such a great  -and haunting- full circle at the end. But what else would you expect from the maker of the amazing animation gem that is Les Triplettes de Belleville?!

P.S. If your French isn't as strong either, you can get this extra in-depth translation of the entire song here.


  1. This was so interesting, and I think it captures how I feel about social media/the Internet as well. I have a love/hate relationship with social media; on the one hand it's a source of inspiration and "connection" you probably wouldn't get in the past...but on the other hand sometimes people mistake those "connections" for REAL life relationships and follower counts/likes mean everything to that person. It fuels the ego in a bad way, because you start over sharing and getting too comfortable with total strangers. The other day on instagram a girl with over 80k followers wrote a paragraph caption under her picture talking about her medication history!!! Like what kind of world do we live in?!?! It's eerie. Also funny that I considered watching Les Triplettes de Belleville this weekend!!!

    xoxox, Naomi |

    1. Yes! It's great for gaining/keeping connections you otherwise couldn't have(like international friends), but it's just a bad idea to replace real-life interactions with it. It's making people scared of actual conversation. I once had someone on the phone who hung up on me so she could text me instead.
      And I feel very sorry for kids of parents that are glued to their phones all day too.
      Your example is very odd too! I agree, a strange world indeed... But then again, there are always inspiring counter-movements too. So hopefully face-to-face interaction (and even good old phone calls) will always continue:)

      Hope you'll enjoy the movie! I hope to watch it again soon too. It's been years...

  2. Whoa...that's really an eye opener! There's a couple of people I could show this video to! haha luckily I'm no on Twitter as much but that's a really interesting and eye-opening video!

    1. Wasn't it?! :) And I've always felt like Facebook was worse than Twitter in this department, but I do really like the imagery of the bird, as well as some of the lyrics in this music video.

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