Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mixed Shelf #25

I am on an epic fantasy kick at the moment. Though I've read a lot of children's and YA fantasy, I'm only just starting to pick up "the real deal". And oddly enough, it seems that trilogies are really catching my eye at the moment.

Wanting: Owlfight by Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon
This is pretty self-explanatory, I think. A fantasy trilogy with owls in every title and on every cover? Sign me up! I'm not sure if there are a whole lot of actual owls in the book or not, but I am super intrigued and I think I might be ordering the first one very, very soon… Also, the author is a pretty big name in fantasy, so I should try her out!

Reading: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
This was very cool! It gets a lot of hype, and justly so… however, because of that I was a little underwhelmed, but just a teeny tiny bit. I'm taking part in the Year of Cosmere, so I'll be reading the second part in the trilogy next month. I figured I'd find out down the road if I wanted to tag along for the read-along the entire year, but I already think I will!

Waiting: Feast of Souls by C.S. Friedman
I'll admit that this was a total cover-buy. It's, yet again, the first in a trilogy and all covers are just stunning! Apparently it is an incredibly dark story though and I'm not sure if that's my cup of tea or not, but I sure hope I'll enjoy it, because I would love to own the whole trilogy. If I hate it I'll still part with this stunning book though.

Are you a fan of epic fantasy? Do you have any recommendations of stories with cool magic systems or characters? I'm especially interested in books that are women-friendly, and also quite low on the overall abuse and gore-scale...


  1. Robin Hobb is definitely my favourite fantasy author! xxx

  2. I am also on a high fantasy kick! I read the Hobbit last month, and like you, had dipped my toes into the waters of fantasy with YA...but never got really into the hardcore fantasy (the paperbacks from the 1980's) A series I used to see at the library was Acorna, a tale of a unicorn girl. I recently re-downloaded the books and have been meaning to read them.

    Owlflight looks amazing, I'm going to keep my eye out for it! I like fantasy that deviated from the norm...

    Speaking of Owls, something kind of cool happened today. I have a acquaintance whose mom is on pinterest. I follow her and she pinned one of your owl bookmarks today! I thought it was awesome that you have fans all the way out here in this small town in America....


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