Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Plans & Goals: July

Honestly, I'm still not quite up for making lots of plans. Instead I'd like to take things as they come, but I suppose that is what summer is about anyway. But just to make a few plans and gain a little structure... In July I really hope to:

  • Introduce you to this sneaky fellow.
  • Start working out again. But nothing too intense.
  • Finish that infamous sweater for real.
  • And cast on the next one.
  • Learn some jazzy chords and progressions.
  • Write some good lyrics.
  • Go see the Fault in our Stars.
  • Book my vacation.
  • And possibly even do a new layout for the blog.

What are your summer plans? Going anywhere nice or are you staying home?


  1. Those are great and attainable summer plans! I plan to finally open up my shop. *crosses fingers.

  2. Is this guy your new house guest? My house/life has been much more magical since getting a cat house guest of my own :)

  3. i am looking forward to meeting your kitty!
    I went to see fault in our stars... get ready to cry. I was traumatised for a couple of days.
    my july plans... hmmm, I am also trying to work out... lots of hot yoga, walking and healthy eating and not too much wine. am also planning on going to the cinema more...


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