Friday, February 28, 2014

Lovely Movies: Dallas Buyers Club

Ok, so maybe "lovely" isn't the best word to use for this movie, in fact the first addiction, sex and homophobia-filled 30 minutes of it where far from lovely. But then it really did deliver in the end. And with such a powerful message as well.

It takes place in the earlier days of AIDS and HIV when it was a huge taboo and prognoses were really bad. So Dallas Buyers Club isn't a light movie. But it has humor and heartwarming parts and Jared Leto as a stunning transgender!

And though I never really liked Matthew McConaughey, I have to say he has definitely proven himself. The acting really is amazing in this movie. Here's the trailer, but honestly I think you should skip it and just go to the cinema.

I love the shift that took place in this movie. How a total douchebag actually turns out to be a really decent guy, but unfortunately also how not all doctors put morals over money. Anyway, a fantastic movie about a true story.


  1. This looks amazing! I really want to see it!

  2. I really want to see this movie! Jared Leto as a woman, just, omg, haha! I love Jared Leto, he's a great actor :)


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