Thursday, January 30, 2014


It's hard not to fall for these tiny cheese boards from ModCloth, right? The real question is which one's cuter? The hedgehog and the squirrel or the owl and the birdies? I think it might be a tie. Or… a cute set!

Anyway, let me emphasize that they're tiny. A lot of the reviews say people hadn't expected them to be this small. I think they're still cute and could probably come in handy for one-person snacks (instead of being used for a big spread).


  1. Please don't make me choose just one!! Surprisingly, I'm leaning more towards the hedgehog one although I'd probs buy both as a set like you :-). xo

    1. I had the same thing, but the preference is so tiny because both are amazing<3

  2. I'd definitely go for the cutie hedgehog!! Sometimes the best things come in smaller packaging :)

  3. i loved the owl and the birdies!


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