Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Busy busy, happy, happy...

Guess what? I've moved! Finally. After over a year of hard work and waiting, it is done. Well... I still have to take care of some stuff. One of which is get reliable internet on my computer, hence the continuance of silence on this blog.

Also, I don't have cable and I'll try to keep it that way as it should leave with me with a ton of extra time to be creative. In fact I've already started on a collage. I used to love making collages, but now I think I'll turn it into a proper hobby.

I think this new apartment will bring a lot of change into my life and it will probably reflect on my blog. I don't know what changes my blog will go through exactly, content-wise, but I'm guessing more pictures and more creative updates. Time will tell...
Will be back soon!


  1. Happy you've moved alright doll, sounds exciting, I hope you enjoy it xx

  2. Yay! Congrats on having moved finally! ;P Make sure you give me your new address so I can jot it down ;).

    Hope you've welcomed the 2014 with a smile and that it has wonderful things in store for you! A new house is certainly an awesome start :p.


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