Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Interview with Julia from EarlybirdPrints

My friend Julia is here today to answer some questions! She's not only responsible for the lovely blog "a Girl with Horn-Rimmed Glasses", but she recently opened up an Etsy shop as well. She very kindly gave away a print a little while ago and today she's back so you can get to know her a bit better. Enjoy!

-Have you always enjoyed creating things?-

As far as I can remember, yes. I've had times where I wasn't too interested into crafty things, but I've always drawn as a child. When I got older I started using graphic programs on my computer and that's how I got interested in being a graphic designer. I've always wanted to make things that other people will see. Only logical that I got into advertising. ;) 

-Where does your inspiration comes from?-

Everywhere! It can be little things, shapes or colors of an object I see. It can be food, or furniture. Or it can be a picture I see that sparks a thought of something completely different or a solution to a design/conceptual problem that I had before and couldn't solve. Of course I love collecting pretty stuff I see in books or online (thanks for Pinterest!), and I love reading all kinds of creative blogs. 
Music and movies can be quite inspiring too. 

-Do you have a certain ritual for when you create? Do you listen to music or do certain other things?-

It depends on what kind of creative work I do. If it's work or uni-related, I tend to make my workplace ready, all clean, everything aligned and in it's place, have a cup of tea, and start. If it's "recreational", like the Etsy prints, I like to draw while lounging on the sofa and having some TV or music as "background noise".  

-When do you feel a project is finished?

When I'm sick of seeing it! ;D When it comes to illustrations, I start with a clear picture in mind of how it should look, and what parts it consists of. I'm always scared of ruining an illustration when I draw too much in it. With graphic design work, I usually spend quite some time with a project, and after a while, you will think "Ugh, did I really think this was the ideal look?" even if it's fine. That always happens to me after I finish a project. One never stops thinking "I could have done more". 

-What does your perfect Sunday look like?-

As my Sundays at the moment are full of work, my perfect Sunday would contain none of that. I'd love to spend it reading, going on a walk, and some kind of crafty work – I'd like to get into knitting or sewing. 
I like my Sundays as "boring" as possible, as it's my least favorite day in the week.

-Do you have any plans for your blog or shop that you'd like to share already?-

As for my blog, it's been a little neglected for the last months because I was so busy doing uni projects. Same goes for the shop. I hope to blog more regularly with more interesting posts in the next months. I would also like to get crafty a bit more often and share those experiences on the blog. Next month, Hamburg will host a lovely handmade market ("Hello Handmade!" at the Kampnagel) again, and I want to show my readers all the great Etsy and DaWanda sellers I will see there. 
For my shop, I would love to draw more and add new items. Maybe add items that aren't prints as well?! If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them…! :) 

-Is there anything else you want to tell the Blue Eyed Night Owl readers?-
Hi there?! I hope you found reading at least a bit interesting compared to Laura's usual awesome posts. (My favs are the Owl Things Considered because I love owls so much, what are yours?) Have a great day and maybe pop by my blog sometime? :) 


  1. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep up with the good work! :)


  2. oh wow thanks for directing me towards your blog! love it! :) Victoria Stitch

  3. Cute interview c:
    You great beautiful
    drawings & illustrations!



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