Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Plans & Goals: July

No vacation plans this summer. And I actually quite like the idea of not missing our good season. Plus, it leaves lots of time for fun plans like:

  • Finish my PIFs and send them out.
  • Get back into jewelry making.
  • Make some new things for the shop.
  • Bake some strawberry pie. ->pumkin instead though!
  • Post another exciting giveaway!
  • Discovering new parts of the city and bringing a camera along.
  • Visit markets to buy fresh veggies and delicious goat's cheese.
  • Finish reading The Night Circus.
  • Try my hand at making fruit leather.

What are your plans this lovely month?


  1. Great goal list! I just made my own PIF post. :-) And I'm excited to see the pictures you take of your days exploring the city.

  2. That's a god list! Mine list for the month is to not work in my day job quite as much as I have been lately, to make more stuff (dresses, jewellery, muffins etc..), learn how to use my camera and to work on my blog some more! Here's hoping we all get the time :) Can't wait to see your pics xx


  3. Sounds like a busy summer! But busy summers are fun summers :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  4. Those are great goals. Hmmm, this month, I'd love to do some tweaking on the blog!

  5. Wow!! Lovely envelope and parcel. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!

    I'd love to receive something that looked like that. So special.


  6. Very inspirative list, Laura!I wish you a productive month.
    And love the PIF idea!

  7. those are definitely my kind of summer plans. i don't have anything too exciting going on except a 1 day trip to Canada :). lots of preparing my Etsy shop for fall though!

  8. Wahhh that envelope is adorable! <3


  9. Lovely things all of them!

  10. ah.. when you're making the vacation list come true, please invite me because i'm dying for one too!


  11. I like your goals a lot. It's a great idea to make monthly goals. I need to sit down and think about that. One big thing that's happening this month is my oldest daughter is starting preschool... Preschool!! Where does the time go? :)

  12. I love exploring new (or long lost) places, especially with camera on hand :)
    I want to read more- and write, more than anything. Get myself to sit down and focus and stop being afraid of the blank page.
    Lovely goals!

  13. Great list, it is really good to have goals.
    I'm setting myself the target of reading 20 books this summer.

  14. Sound like you have great plans! I would love to do more reading, and lots of baking. Strawberry pie sounds good!

    I am a new follower, and also new to blogging. If you like you can check out my blog at thecottagediaries.blogspot.co.nz.

  15. Yay! That's my package! I'd forgotten to say that I love the cat you put on the envelope, too :p.

  16. i would totally do a giveaway on your blog!

  17. I love those packages! Very cute. Decorating mail is one of my favourite things about sending it :)
    Getting back into jewellery making sounds good, as does taking a camera into undiscovered parts of the city! Something I definitely need to do more of.

    That's a fantastic list you have put together, I can't wait to see some of the results :)


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