Monday, June 18, 2012

Bird of a Feather

My dad and I have quite a few things in common, but our love for books and bookstores is perhaps even the biggest similarity. So on Father's Day I gave him one. And wrapped it beautifully! If I may say so myself, and I think I may.

Where I'm from Father's Day is called Vaderdag, and us being very fond of Star Wars as well, this seemed to be the perfect card.

Did you do anything special or give any gifts to your old man?


  1. Fantastic card! My dad was spoilt on Father's Day with some good old fashioned ale, a plate painted specially for him and a trip to a monkey forest. A busy day! Jen x

  2. Ha that's a really cool card! The packaging is super cool! I didn't get to see my dad for father's day but send a nice little card.

  3. great presentation on that gift!

  4. Perfect card and wrapping! I bet your dad was over the moon :)

    My dad and I haven't had the greatest relationship over the years as he hasn't been around, however our we are good friends now and closer than ever since the trip to Texas to see him at Christmas. I didn't do anything for father's day but will be getting him something nice for his birthday which is soon!

  5. You are awesome! we are big Star Wars fans in this house as well :) maybe someday one of my boys will gift there father in a similar fashion!

  6. I have a darth vader toy in my car that's motion sensitive, so everytime the car is jostled (which is always) it says stuff like: "I am your father". I think it's hilarious, but everyone who sits in my car ultimately ends up hating it. Vader is so misunderstood.


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