Thursday, September 9, 2010

Etsy Shop Tip: kawaiigoodies

Lately I've been more into stamps than ever, so with a few on my wishlist I browsed Etsy and came across this lovely shop called kawaiigoodies. And it holds so much more than just stamps: lovely fabrics, washi tapes, bento boxes, basically anything that's cute and Japanese.

The stamps I was looking for were cherryblossoms and I ended up with a whole set of them.

Here's a picture of a little try-out I did with them today.

It will come as no surprise that among all those cute stamps I found another one I fell in love with. The first thing that came to mind was to use it on the back of my letters right in front of my address, like this:

Besides stamps I got these really cute food cutters. They could make cute and tiny cookies too, or maybe marzipan decorations on cupcakes or cakes.

Because I wanted to try them out as soon as possible I decided to try it with melon. I think it will look amazing with watermelon, but this is all I had. Pretty cute, right?

I will post some more pictures when I have the time to try them out properly.

Anyway I am very happy with my new set of stamps and foot cutters and I'm very excited to have found yet another great Etsy shop. Thought I'd better not keep this to myself, hope you liked it.


  1. What a fab shop! Love those sakura stamps. Cherry blossom is just so pretty!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Laura x


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