Friday, December 4, 2015

Lovely Movies: Tangled

So I've been catching up on Disney movies. I hadn't seen many of the more recent ones yet, including Tangled, which I finally watched yesterday. I loved it! I hadn't expected that much of it, but it actually ended up blowing me away.

It wasn't as much of a love story as I thought it'd be. There is plenty of romance, but thankfully there is way more to the plot. There were lots of funny moments, very nice songs and gorgeous animation. And the characters were lovely!

Also, it's not one of those standard guy saves girl type of stories. It's more of a joint effort. And let's not forget the wonderful animal sidekicks! And the love isn't instant either. Yeah, it's definitely a better, and more layered, movie than I expected!


  1. Tangled is so good! It's definitely one of my favorite Disney movies :)

  2. I loved Tangled, the whole adventure they put into it is exactly my kind of thing and I loved the relationship that Rapunzel and Flynn developed. Such a cute story! - Tasha


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