Monday, June 1, 2015

Plans & Goals: June

We've had a couple sunny days, but this May hasn't been as nice as I remembered most Mays. Perhaps that's why I (subconsciously) made mostly indoor goals for June as well. I do hope to spend time outside, but hopefully I'll also still:

  • Continue watching Joan of Arcadia. (Should be easy!) But still save some episodes. (Might be harder...)
  • Place some books in a Little Free Library.
  • Visit my favorite ice cream parlor.
  • Finally finish knitting my owl sweater.
  • Read another graphic novel.
  • Try a new recipe.
  • Finish up a bunch of teas from my cupboard.
  • Make a zentangle with a twist.
  • And post a super tidy organizing tutorial...

  • What are your plans for this month? I hope you'll have a great time in June!


    1. Those are some good goals!! I was curious in knowing what a zentangle is - so i looked it up and that will be awesome to see!! My main goals are to not sleep my summer away and to get back to working out!

      1. Thanks! I posted a few Zentangles and definitely will again, so you can expect more pictures of how they (can) look;)
        Good luck with your goals too!

    2. Great post, my plans are to sort more of my teeth out and see a doctor about my aspergers plus my blogs birthday as well =]

      1. Good luck with all your medical appointments! And I hope you'll have a wonderful birthday:)

    3. These all sound like fabulous goals! I can't wait to hear more about what graphic novel you read - I love them!

    4. Great fun goals! But em...what is a zentangle?

    5. Ahh these are perfect goals for the month!! I'd like to see the new recipe you try and to see the graphic novel you read (I'd like to get into a good graphic novel myself!) I just refreshed my new year's resolutions for the second half of the year (we're HALFWAY through 2015!!!) but I love these monthly goal cute!!! <33

      xoxoxox, Naomi |


    Thank you for your comments, they really make my day!


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