Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Greek Cats pt.1

There were a lot of cats in Greece! There were cute cats and mean cats and it was tricky finding out in which category they belonged. On my very first night I got scratched, so from then on, instead of petting them, I took their pictures.

There will be a second -and even better- cat post later this week! This time full of lazy cats.


  1. I dislike cats in the highest, haha. I would have steered clear of them anyways, haha. I hope the scratch wasn't too bad. xx

  2. They're all so, so pretty!!! I play with all of the neighbor kitties who wander over. One will attack my hand and arm, the other will climb into my lap and lick my nose!

  3. Love cats! All of them are beautiful. Sorry to hear you got scratched.


  4. That is a lot of cats!


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