Friday, April 26, 2013

Lovely Movies: Paulie

It seems I couldn't resist doing two animal movies in a row. Paulie is a lot different than the one I reviewed last week though. Yes, both have animals and a little girl. And I'll admit they both made me cry, but apart from that they couldn't be more different.

As a kid from the 90s I tend to really enjoy 90s movies and this really is a perfect example. It was back when they didn't really care much for special effects, or the make-up/costume departments, but it was all about making a heartwarming story you could watch over and over again.

Pardon the trailer, I know you'll probably won't go out to buy the VCR these days, but I promise the movie is still fun to watch!

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  1. I used to be in love with this movie as a kid. I went through a similar phase I went through with Babe (i.e I would watch it at least twice a day).
    It really is an endearing film :)


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