Saturday, May 21, 2011


Here's just a collection of (orange) stuff that recently caught my eye. Hope you'll like it! I might do this more often.

This is probably my favorite owl ever! It's so serious and quirky at the same time. Don't you love this print?

Such a pretty shirt.

This is actually a working camera, can you believe that?!
Never get lost with this compass ring.
This humongous gummy bear is really edible, although I have no idea how and where you'd start.
Such a cute lunch bag.
This picture had me laugh, especially love the little beaver.

Last but not least, Danitashop has added some pretty amazing new earrings, rings and even necklaces.


  1. The owl is so cute in the first picture, his chubby little wings are so cute!

  2. Oh wow. That gummie bear is amazing. Although slightly vommit inducing :D

  3. Very Nice finds!



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