Sunday, April 17, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday and it involved so many cute things that I couldn't resist taking pictures for the blog.

I spotted this teeny tiny little cake a few weeks ago and knew I had to had one on my birthday. Since I wasn't expecting many guests I thought it'd be big enough.

My dad actually brought another small, though larger, chocolate truffle cake, so we had more than enough. I actually just ate a piece of each for dessert tonight.

Here's my outfit of the day. The earrings were sent to me by a very dear friend and the cardigan was a present from my mom on the day itself.

I did some special nail polish the day before. Mint green with cherry blossoms and a pink shimmer coating. It was made with one of those special stamps, I didn't get it the first few tries, but eventually got the hang of it.

Both my parents gave me beautiful roses!

And of course there were other gifts too. My dad gave me the Sims 3 and a bunch of cd's and dvd's including: Iron & Wine and Ray LaMontagne and Away We Go. I'll probably do reviews some time.

Here are some pretty Marie Antoinette earrings my mom gave me.

This little cupcake is not just decorative, it actually holds chocolate scented hand cream!

And this moth fighter is just awesome! Definitely something you don't expect to get on your birthday, but also not something you knew could be so frickin' cool, right?

As you can see it was a great day. I'm glad I took a lot of pictures to relive it all and I hope you enjoyed taking a peek too.


  1. Happy Birthday! Suunds like you had a lovely time. I love Ray LaMontagne and that cake looks amazing. Yum! x

  2. Happy Belated Birthday lovely! You received such lovely gifts ^_^! Especially that moth fighter!! Does it actually fight moths O_O? I am sooo frightened of them!!

    I'll be sending an extra little something in your package for your birthday <3 I hope you're well!

  3. Happy belated bday girl!
    Looks like you had a nice day and that cake is indeed amazing :)

  4. Van harte!
    groetjes Simone/ MooiVintage

  5. everything looks just lovely! happy birthday girl!

  6. happy belated! so many pretty things to see. sounds like a lovely day.

  7. aaw!! Sorry I missed it :) Happy Birthday owly friend :D Indeed looks like you were showered with cuteness on your day :)

  8. Oh! I can't believe I missed your birthday! These photos are so lovely! Your cake was so sweet and I love that your cake, cardigan, earrings, roses and nils all match so well together! What a beautiful birthday! I'm so pleased that you had a nice day, many belated best wishes to you! :)


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