Saturday, January 28, 2012


Just in case you're not yet aware of the massive amount of amazing whale things that exist, I've put together a collection.

Starting with this adorable pillow.

I usually think the cardboard box suffices, but this is definitely a cuter way to store your tissues.

I love the print on this t-shirt. And it's my favorite color too!

I was already positive that nothing could beat art-jewelry, but this necklace definitely helps me make that point.

You wonder why shelfs always look so basic when they can look like this, right?

Because every collection needs an amazing brooch! Besides, I can never resist the wooden ones.

This is one of the best inventions I have ever laid eyes on.

Followed by the cutest clutch on the planet.

And I love this ring too!


  1. careful there..! you're creating a newfound respect of whales on my part! ;P cuuute.

  2. As ever, your spotted things are wonderful finds! I love them all. I'd better not show this to my sister-in-law though, as she has a phobia of whales - she cannot even bear to look at a picture of one! No-one knows why...

  3. These are all great finds. The pillow is by far my favorite. How cute :]

  4. Love. these. SO MUCH!!! I also love art jewelry, and I must say that the wooden brooch and the flower holder are my favorites!!!

  5. I want that little what ring!!!! so pretty! what awesome finds xx

  6. When I was scrolling down, I was remembering my favorites so I could comment to you which ones were my favorites. Well, they all turned out being my favorite haha especially the tissue box, coin purse and vase.

    have a great week!

  7. I love the ring and flower holder. Too adorable!

  8. Please tell me you've seen the adorable whale and elephant mugs that target has right now? Mine was all out of elephants but had tons of whales. They are SO cute. I love all these things so much. Especially that tissue box!


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