Sunday, January 1, 2012

Plans and Goals: 2012

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve! After a night of celebrating, it is now time for some more serious business: Resolutions!

I'm hoping to make this a fun and effective year. Once again I have plans for both the blog and life in general.

  • Sort some things out layout-wise, maybe change it altogether.
  • Start posting more and bigger pictures.
  • Hold lots of fun giveaways.
  • Do a tutorial.
  • Share some more reviews and discoveries.
  • Finally do an "in my bag"-post.
  • And just keep all the regular posts going as well.

  • Finally get the house in order.
  • Get back into jewelry making and other "forgotten" crafts.
  • Do more with my analogue cameras.
  • Suround myself with the nicest things and people possible.
  • Make lots and lots of "Clickables".
  • Go "green", even more than I am now.
  • Start painting again and maybe work towards a second shop even...
  • Get better! Because this disease is getting really old.
  • And just stay positive:)


  1. Happy New Year!
    I love your life goals, best wishes for 2012!

    xo -S

  2. Happy New Year! I wish you good luck for all your goals! Especially the Clickables one, because I saw your Etsy store and it's such a novel idea! It also helps that they are oh-so cute! :D

  3. A great list! Hope you accomplish it all! :)

  4. good luck on your goals; not that i believe in luck or that it has anything to do with it!

    i do have to say though, when reading your profile... i had to do a doubletake and make sure i wasn't reading my own :) it's uncanny how you come across people in this blogosphere who seem like mirrir images in regard to likes and interests!

    anyways, i look forward to following you :) since i've joined a few months ago... i've found it harder than i thought to come across actual blogs of substance that go beyond sponsorships and giveaways - and that's what drew me to yours!


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