Sunday, January 8, 2012

All Natural: Badger

One of my resolutions is to switch to natural products where possible. When you read the ingredients and 85% percent sounds chemical it just doesn't make sense to me to put that item anywhere near your skin. Not to mention what it does to the environment.

So any product I finish I try to replace with something more natural. You'll probably find more of these brands here soon, but I want to kick things off with Badger.

They already had me at their logo and name. This has to be the cutest brand I have ever heard of and everything they make sounds divine!

They have a variety of balms for all sorts of areas and issues. From lip balms to anti-bug balms. And each item comes in the cutest packaging with an amazing illustration.

I love that it's a family business and that they're staying true to what they believe in. They work as a team, are very "green", do a lot for charity and understand the importance of fun.

It's hard to get your hands on any Badger items where I'm from, but I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for these amazing things.

Have you ever tried any Badger products?


  1. Oooh, such a cute brand!!! I'll definitely see if I can locate some Badger products of my own! :D Lovely post, miss!!!

  2. They sell some of the lip balm in a pet store my mom works near. I would have bought some the one time I went in, but my slightly obsessive nature already provides me with five various lip balms. I definitely want to try some eventually, though, because it looks adorable and natural is, of course, wonderful!

  3. that is one of the most adorable logos I have ever seen! I've never heard of Badger before. I'll have to look it up!

  4. I *love* Badger stuff, I use loads of it. Daz uses their sleep Balm too.

    So many yummy scents/flavours too :D

  5. I love badger products especially their sleepy time balm and sore muscle rub!

  6. Such lovely packaging - I may have to look into this brand I think & see what I can find. Where possible I also like natural based products or at least ones that smell fairly natural!
    Happy Monday x

  7. These are so cute! I've never tried Badger but I have been making an effort to incorporate more natural products into my daily routine, too. I've been shopping at The Body Shop lately for skincare and bath stuff - all-natural and fair trade to boot!

  8. So cute! I have some heel balm which is great for soothing tired summer feet. I keep it in my desk at work at all times!

    I can also recommend Autumn Balm Botanicals (Etsy) - I won some of their things in a giveaway last year and have been finding their products really amazing so far. The lip balms are incredible - I have never come across such silky soft, effective, delicious-smelling lip balms!

    Yay for natural products!

  9. Oh, wow! I want to try this stuff!

  10. No but you have absolutely made me want to try them.

  11. Oh, interesting; I'd never heard of this brand before ;).


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