Friday, January 13, 2012

Lovely Series: Psych

There are lots of shows on Comedy Central that I always used to skip (such as Scrubs and the Office), that actually turned out to be really good. Sometimes you just have to stick around for a little while and give something a fair chance. As was the case with Psych. I now love that show!

It's about a very observant and lucky guy that runs a psychic advice business with his long time friend. Together they help solve cases for the police.

I love that it has suspense as well as a whole lot of great jokes. But for anyone who used to watch Judging Amy it will be really weird to see Sean in such a different role.

What is your favorite funny show at the moment?


  1. It's exactly the kind of thing I never would have gone for but the little video makes it look really appealing!

    Hmmm not sure I'm watching anything at the moment! Except for a few toddler shows: Barbapapa, Postman Pat, In the Night Garden, Dip Dap... that's my main viewing these days! (Actually the last one is quite good - check it out!)

  2. I have never watched this before but I'm going to after reading this! :) Can't wait.
    My favorite funny show at the moment will be New Girl. Have you watched it yet? xx

  3. I am the exact same! I used to hate scrubs, now i find myself watching it all the time and laughing along- oh dear! i love your pretty little blog :)

  4. I only started watching this show recently and I can't get enough of it. I just love the humor and the chemistry and schtick between Shawn and Gus.


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