Sunday, January 15, 2012

All Natural: Sabon

One of my current favorite stores is Sabon. I don't think it's all natural, but it comes very close and their products sure feel good. Besides they don't do animal testing, try their best to be "green" and they are pretty picky about their ingredients. Unfortunately that does show in their price tags.

Very high on my ongoing wishlist was a Sabon Body Scrub, and last month that wish was granted when a friend of mine sent me one for Christmas. It has a divine Vanilla Coconut scent, it's lovely to use and it leaves you with super soft skin afterwards.

But that was not all! I also received a Vanilla Body Lotion that really went beyond my expectations. It, yet again, has a delicious scent, it is moisturising and it is the tiniest bit fluffy. I love it!

Another thing I love about these products is that you need to use a lot less than you'd expect. I can see both of these lasting a long way. I'm really happy about that, because I'd rather not part with them anytime soon.


All their products come in glass jars/bottles and that has pros and cons to it. It might be a bit dangerous depending on what your bathroom looks like, but it's also easier to recycle. My fear of dropping the huge jar full of scrub combined with the size of our shower, led to me reusing a small plastic jar from a Body Shop scrub that I fill up every once in a while with the new Sabon scrub.


Anyway, if you ever come across one of their stores I recommend you pop in. They have a very antique and authentic feel to them and the employees are always willing to help you try their products. I once let them cover half my face with a mud mask in the shop window of a very busy shopping street, but if you'd rather not look like a fool you can always let them scrub your hands instead.

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