Friday, January 20, 2012

Lovely Series: Raising Hope

I'm back! And I had an amazing time! I feel all happy and inspired and look forward to blogging again too.

While away I still managed to watch an episode of one of my current favorite series: Raising Hope.

It's from the makers of My Name Is Earl, which I occasionally watched when nothing else was on, but didn't really like that much. Raising Hope however, is an entirely different story. I love this show!

It's unlike anything I've ever seen, yet it feels very familiar. I easily grew attached to all characters. Plus, it occasionally features Kate Miccuci! Also, for anyone who watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles it will take some getting used to a new Cromartie.


  1. I think this show is so adorable I hope it stays on for a while. I try to catch it when I watch all my Tuesday shows on Fox.

    xo Amber P.

  2. Oh I must check this out, it sounds awesome x

  3. never saw the show, now i might have to :)

  4. i looove the show :D
    I was so sad when my name is ear go canceled. It's great to have a new show from the same crew. :D


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