Saturday, January 21, 2012


After coming back from my trip I went to buy some food for my cat. At the pet store I fell completely in love with a dwarf hamster! I am now trying to find a cat free place in my house for a little hamster home and if I succeed I will go and get a hamster of my own. As it's very much so on my mind right now, I thought I'd make a little collection.

First up hamster pillows, aren't they adorable?

This is a perfect example of the size and color of the hamster I saw.

But there are so many breeds. Like these golden ones, that are cute too.

This hamster-grocery list is perfect for a trip to the pet store!

A seriously odd invention is this usb hamster that runs quicker when you type quicker. Just when you think you've seen it all...

Love this painting! The rest of the shop is really cool too.

I thought this was an adorable pendant.

This amazing print shows exactly the kind of hamster I am smitten with!

And in the off chance I become a really really caried away and obsessed crazy hamster lady, I could always carry the little creature around in this dress.

Somehow I always thought a hamster was a typical kids pet, but now I think it's perfect! They're cute, you can pet them yet they are quite low maintance and did I mention they are cute?

Have you ever had one? Do you recommend it? Is it completely impossible when you have a cat around?


  1. Those pillows are super cute that dress is insane!

  2. Eep! Let me tell you, I used to own two Romanian Dwarf hamsters! And we had two kittens and a dog in the house :D I'll send some of my experience over in my too long email >.<! <3<3

  3. That dress is crazy! :o

    Maybe you can keep your cat out of one room of your house and make it a hamster room?

  4. omg those cushions are just too cute!

  5. I didn't have a dwarf hamster but just your standard ol' one I named Pinky (after Pinky and The Brain.) Mine didn't live too long (just a few weeks) but I think it mostly had to do with the place I got him from. Though they are low maintenance and adorable :) Plus it's so fun to create a home for them.

    xo Amber P.

  6. I had a dwarf hamster years ago called Mr Miyagi. He was awesome :D
    They are super cute!

  7. AW!!! I think you should TOTALLY get one. I only had one growing up, but I loved him so much. Most people will say they are amazing pets! Just be careful, they are squirmy. ;) I think it's possible to have a hamster and kitties. We have a cockatiel who has free flying around the room, and two cats in the same room and they all get along just fine!

    Also, I love your finds, 'specially the grocery list and pendant!!!

  8. OMG! SO much Hamster loooooove-this is the best post ever.

  9. Those hamster pillows are the cutest things ever! I want one!

  10. you have captured my obsession with hamsters perfectly! Lucy and Bernie say hello xx


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