Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: FloraBeauty

Whenever I have flowers or a bouquet at home, I get really sad when I see them start to shrivel up and die. And I find myself wishing they would stay pretty for ever. Well, it turns out Mirjam could offer me just that!

She recently contacted me and asked if I could do a review for her wonderful shop, FloraBeauty. Of course I agreed! And today I'll tell you what I thought.

The item I received was this stunning ring. Not only does it have some lovely yellow flowers, the blue background is made of a real flower petal as well! And I love the contrast between the two colors.

What really stood out to me was the resin-job, it is impeccable! I love resin jewelry, but find that it often comes with some air bubbles, scratches or fingerprints. With FloraBeauty that is not the case at all. This ring is absolutely flawless!

FloraBeauty has lots of amazing botanical jewelry to offer, in pretty much any color you could think of. So if you're looking for a bit of nature to take with you wherever you go, and something that will last longer than a bouquet, you should really take a look.
Final Verdict:

I was absolutely satisfied! The service was great, the parcel arrived sooner than I expected and the ring was packaged safely. But most importantly, the item is beautiful, of great quality and completely one of a kind.

P.S. FloraBeauty sent me the ring, but I wasn't paid any money to do this review. These are all my honest opinions.


  1. Wauw these are gorgeous! I might buy a necklace, these are so refreshingly stunning. And they would be a perfect gift!

  2. Those are stunning, I love fall/autumn inspiration you have going for your pieces.

  3. Thank you, Laura, for this beautiful review.
    And welcome to You and Your Readers to stop by in my shop anytime!
    Love, Mirjam

  4. Oh dear - you may have just added another list of things to add to my wish list, my bank balance may not thank you. Resin jewellery is stunning, but I agree sometimes flawed, that ring is beautiful as are the other pieces . . . I may have to go & have a gander, just without my purse!!

    Have a good day. x

  5. Oh, this is gorgeous! The resin is certainly flawless, in the straight-on photos, I couldn't even tell it was there and I was wondering how everything was staying on the ring! So, so pretty.

    xo Julie
    ♥Julie Rose Sews♥

  6. oh, these are all so neat! the ring is my favorite!

    lindsey louise

  7. that ring is sooo pretty! i also love the pendants you posted... lucky girl!! x

  8. How lovely!!

  9. What beautiful jewelry! I've worked with resin before and you can create lots of lovely tings with it.


  10. Lovely! Wonderful ring and beautiful Nature inspired shop!


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