Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Plans & Goals: September

Though it can be very hard to predict, I'm guessing true Autumn will come to us this month. I'm hoping for a bit of summer weather still, but have set some cozier goals for the colder weather anyway. Here they are:

  • Start devouring some of these books I bought with 90% off.  one at least!
  • Go to my country's best theme park.
  • Share some items I got to review.
  • Finish knitting my cardigan.
  • Get my bike in working order.
  • Paint my nails as often as I used to.
  • Tell you about an amazing book I read.
  • Get back into cooking.
  • Take the Pentax for another spin.
  • And list my new collection of brooches!


  1. Good luck with your goals! I should make some goals too. I should read more books. I still have a few books in my room that I haven't read yet. >__< And I should paint my nails again and buy more nail polish colours. I'm looking forward to your reviews! :)

    And btw to which theme park are you going? :D xoxo

  2. I get it girl, I do. I have a zillion books I need to start working through. I can't wait for cozier weather so I don't feel guilty sitting inside doing nothing!

  3. Enjoy all your books! 90 % off, that's awesome. We have a used bookstore in town and they have a wonderful selection and each book is only 50 cents or a dollar. It's fantastic!

  4. Have fun with your goals!
    All those books look great, 90% off i;m jealous! I have so many books I should probably get round to reading too, good luck!

  5. All doable. Enjoy completing them! M x

  6. sounds like an excellent list! good luck completing it! xx

  7. I seriously need to make a goals list, September is going to be a busy one and it will be hard to stay on track with my goals when there's so much going on, but goals are important! I'm looking forward to the theme park post :]

    ♥ Emily

  8. I'm lovin' your list :) I think I just might make one of my own!

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}


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