Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pretty Paintings

Some very exciting news reached me today. Mark Ryden (I wrote about him here) will have a new show, called "the Gay 90's", in just a few months. Too bad it's in New York, but I'm happy about it nevertheless. I'd love to see his paintings for real, in their true size, but I'm still looking forward to seeing them even if that means through a computer screen or a book. I'm not sure what the theme is exactly, but what I do know is that this painting will be in it.

It's gorgeous, as all of his work is, and I'm so excited to see some new stuff! It reminds me of some of his previous paintings though.

This one because of the hair, dress, pose and something in the face.

This one because of the head and some of the colors.

The painting also could've been part of the meat show, which includes this one:
The right of these images belong to Mark Ryden of course.

I hope that one day I'll go to one of his shows. You know what? Forget "hope", I'll make it a goal, I WILL see one of his shows some day! But for now, for this show, I'll just drool in front of my mac in my PJ's...

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