Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Owl Things Considered

Even though I love owls and love jewelry, I don't have that much owl jewelry. So after browsing Etsy I found this great shop with lovely art as well as lovely owls. Biliana is a painter and illustrator, her work has been featured in children's books. Luckily she also discovered the joy of making jewelry and she has found a great way of incorporating her art in it.

When I saw this necklace (with TWO owls) I knew I had to have it and bought it immediately. It arrived today and I am so excited about it, I can't wait to show it off. I might even wear it to the reunion.

Although I always go for the owl immediately, I do love her other work too. She really has her own style and it is very cute without being childish. Owls and keys can be seen in her paintings quite often and the colors are always amazing.

Besides jewelry and paintings, she also sells some other things on her Etsy, such as art dolls, journals and keychains. If you like you can check out her blog as well.

Just a Little Update

My own Etsy is really coming together fast, although I still have to persuade someone into modeling.
I've been working on it a lot today and made some new items. I think I can put them up on my Etsy soon and open it officially. I will put some pictures of the things I made on here as well.
Plus a picture of my work in progress from art school. I've started this acrylic painting and have yet to finish it at home, after buying the paint that is. But I can show you what it looks like in it's unfinished state soon.


  1. such a pretty find !
    her art work is so lovely :}
    aw ! i would so model for you if i lived by you ! :D

  2. 'owl things considered' . . . that is adorable! I love these illustrations and I cannot wait to see your shop update : ) xo


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