Sunday, February 21, 2010

Much Love Project

Anna from Much Love has started another project for heart pictures, this time they all have to be red. And we also have to write about something we love again. Here's my entry:

So, as you might guess from the picture I do love buttons, but what I love even more is art school. I still can't believe how much fun it is.

A few lessons ago I suddenly didn't feel that way anymore and found myself not looking forward to the next class. I was afraid the whole plan I had for my future was falling apart. That Wednesday I also didn't feel too good, but I still went. And I loved it! I'm so glad I did go, because I am at least as enthousiastic as I was before.

During yesterday's class I finished another video, or a video painting as they call it. I will try to put it online soon. (Above is a little preview.)
It was also the first time I ever used an SLR camera. We took pictures in a studio, with lights and a white screen and everything. I was hooked instantly, now I really want an SLR. I'm pleased with my pictures and I'd love to put them up here, but I want to ask permission from the people on it first. If they are ok with it, you will see some of them within ten to fourteen days. We have a break of a week now and I'm not that excited about it. In high school a break or holiday was the best thing that could happen, but this class is just more fun than my own free time.

I've also signed up for Swap-Bot and am now participating in two owl swaps, I made something for one swap today and it turned out so great I want to make it for my Etsy too. And myself. Even though I can't keep one of every item I make.

That's pretty much all. I hope you are having fun too.

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  1. fab entry.

    I haven't been on swap-bot in ages, you just reminded me of that!


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