Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a Little Update

Today started pretty owlish if that is the right term, it seems appropriate, doesn't it? I made this Hawaiian pancake for brunch and it wasn't till both of the pineapple rings were on top of the pancake that I noticed how owl-like it was.

Of course I put some ham on it later and that was the end of my owl, but it was fun while it lasted. And delicious after that, I am definately making this again soon.

On to other news. I have made some serious Etsy progress today. I finally wrote my shop policy and I've totally redone my banner, I had one made earlier, but it turned out to be too small. Plus I thought of something else today. Here's a sneek peek; it's my avatar and it's part of the banner too. I had made everything, different banners and all, when I noticed I forgot to draw the beak. The perfectionist that I am, I had to do everything all over again. But it payed off in the end, I do like the result.

All that's really left to do is make even more pictures. I need to bribe my friends into coming here to model, cause taking pictures of both of your hands yourself isn't that easy, and I need a head too for my hats anyway. I guess I'll be sending some emails tomorrow.


  1. that looks very owl-like! & delicious! mmm... pineapple sounds so good right now. xx

  2. lol love the pancake...though I'm allergic to pineapple lol

  3. that looks so good! I'm a big fan of pancakes.


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