Friday, February 5, 2010

Lovely Movies

Yesterday I just sort of fell into this movie. I missed the first half an hour, but the storyline isn't really complex, so it was easy enough to follow after that. "Without a Paddle" might be more of a guys movie and may seem a bit tasteless, especially after watching the trailer, but I (and my mom as well) really enjoyed it.

I was surprised at all the actors. Some I knew, such as Seth Green, and the guy who worked at the reception on E.R. (I believe his name was Jerry on that show). But also Matthew Lillard, whom I recognized from "Dead Man's Curve", that weird movie I have started twice but have never finished watching cause it's always on too late. The strange thing is, after watching this movie yesterday I saw him again tonight on Law & Order SVU. That happens sometimes, you hear of something or someone after a very long while or for the first time and all of a sudden they're everywhere. I have that with words a lot. Do you have that?

This might not be the most special and original movie I have ever seen, but it was very entertaining. And as the great Samuel L. Jackson once said: The goal is for you to be entertained, and if you haven't thought about your day-to-day life and you've enjoyed yourself during that movie, it's enough, it doesn't have to be this great oscar nominated movie.
Of course this wasn't a direct quote, but you get what he meant. And I agree, sometimes you want a truly great movie and sometimes you want "Snakes on a Plane". I think the variation is what makes it all good.


  1. Matthew Lillard is so goofy. I usually enjoy watching him in movies, so I'll have to try to find this one!

  2. haha. I haven't seen this movie in forever! I can't even remember much of it. Maybe I should rent it one of these days. Hope your weekend is great so far. xx


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