Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pretty Paintings

So I just got back from my evening art course. We were etching, so we needed lots of newspapers to keep things clean, one of them had a painting on it that I liked so I tore it out and took it home. I had seen it before but I didn't know it's nor the painters name. Luckily I found this and it said so on the page.

Portrait of a young girl
Petrus Christus

I wanted to show you more than just one painting so I figured I could put some more medieval works up. I really like their atmosphere. They never look like a normal human being, but are kind of realistic at the same time.

Mary of Burgundy
Michael Pacher

It was of course a time in which women couldn't do what they wanted and they always seem to look a little said on paintings. But I don't think it's all sadness, they also give this powerful vibe, as if under their suppression they are secretly the ones in control. I can't help but feel an entire story when I'm looking at any of these paintings.

Elenora of Toledo
Agnolo Bronzino

This last one reminded me of an owl. Don't you see a resemblance? I'm not sure if it's disrespectful to compare Queen Elizabeth to an owl, but I can't help it.

Queen Elizabeth


  1. those paintings are so beautiful..i could stare at them for hours. SO interesting. wow.

  2. now that you mention it, the last photo is very owl-like and it's her hair and the shape of her coat that makes it so.

  3. These paintings are so beautiful! I love the portraits they did back then...
    And I agree - these women definitely exude power. Perhaps because they weren't able to be free and do whatever they wanted...they were able to have great strength in enduring and moving on and still living...
    I love this post. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Great paintings. I'm always a fan of Northern and Southern Renaissance painters. I hope you're having fun etching! I wish you the best of luck in the giveaway.


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