Monday, February 15, 2010

Marvelous Music

Jessica Lea Mayfield seems to love owls nearly as much as I do. She has the cutest owl guitar strap, I would kill for that! Maybe I'll ask one for my birthday this year.
The picture above was taken by a guy I run into quite a lot at concerts. He's really nice, has about the same taste in music as I do and takes some great pictures, you can see more of his work over here.

Jessica Lea Mayfield's music isn't really uplifting and her voice is very distinct. I realise it's probably not everyone's cup of tea, but she does have an awesome cd cover.

Here's her best known song so you can hear for yourself:

Just a Little Update

I listed the rest of my Etsy-stuff today. It's all felt! From bookmarks and Moleskine covers to hair accesories and brooches. You can find a lot of blossoms and owls in my store now, including these:

I hope you like them! What do you think about the new banner? I asked if people had some critique over at the Etsy forum and someone said a white banner is always nice. I tried it with my online banner maker, but it turned out quite cheap looking. I think I kinda like the blue one anyway. What do you think?

And one more thing, if you're a follower(or regular commenter) and you were to buy something from my Etsy shop, let me know it's you. Just put your blogger-name or whatever I know you by in the "message to seller" and I'll put in a little extra surprise. I probably won't be able to do that till eternity, but for now you can definitely count on a little gift!


  1. i'm totally lovin' your owl bookmark. i've been ever so smitten with owls lately -- so cute!

  2. that cd cover is awesome! i love the owl image - my mum is a 'brown owl' of a brownie pack, so we have lots of random owl-y stuff around the house :)


  3. OMG your etsy shop is sooo cute ! <3


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