Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just a Little Update

So my friend came over to model today. We had a great time and the hats I made really suit her, even the owl hat. We ended up watching Coraline, which was good, although I don't think it's that appropriate for children. I loved the garden scene, it was beautiful. To see that in 3D must be amazing.

Here's a goofy picture I probably won't put on Etsy, but really like:

I had a kiwi with my breakfast. It looked like a cat so I drew eyes and some whiskers on it. Just felt the need to share it.

Also a picture of my complete ink collection, I already showed a few but I got four more on my last shopping trip, including some pens.

I had to get a few separate tips for the crown pen so I can draw thick and thin lines. I absolutely fell in love with this one:

Putting the pictures on my Etsy will be one of my priorities, I think I'll be able to open the shop this week. I'm also really looking forward to drawing with ink, now that I have some more colors than orange, pink and gold to work with.


  1. that is a cute hat and I like the kiwi. :)

  2. she is adorable!! and those pens are beautiful. i would love to see your artwork sometime!

  3. I love the kiwi, such a cute little "cat" :3

  4. That hat is so cute in that photo. Sounds like you had a lovely time.

  5. coraline is one of the best movies to come out recently. i enjoyed it so much, i'm seriously thinking about buying the dvd.

    i'm excited for your shop's grand opening!!!

  6. Cute photo! YAY for grand openings!

    That kiwi is adorable!


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