Thursday, February 11, 2010

Letters and Postcards

Even though I didn't put the rest of my items on my Etsy, I did a lot today, including making a new item. I also did some things that had to be done around the house and I found an amazing blog.
Bianca from Goodnight Little Spoon has the cutest blog about writing letters. She draws and decorates her envelopes in such a lovely way. I immediately got inspired and wrote some letters myself. One I was planning on doing for a while, to an old penpal, I wrote a draft but have yet to copy it to a nicer looking version. I did however finish the other.

It was to the one friend I know still sends an occasional letter. I did it the oldfashioned way, dipping the pen into my newly acquired ink. Even though it took quite long I enjoyed it very much, I even cut an adress tag too match the pink wavy stationary. I also included a felt blossom pin I made, perforated two holes which gave me a way to attach it to the letter.

I'm really looking forward to making that other lovely letter for that penpal, I do hope she has the same adress, it's been years since we last wrote.
I wish I wouldn't have stopped writing letters to people, but with email being fast and free it's so hard to find someone willing to do it the old way. I really hope my friend likes it and that the other letter actually reaches my penpal. I'll let you know when I find out.


  1. Your mail looks beautiful, whoever receives it is very fortunate!

  2. i would love to recieve those in the mail!

  3. You're very creative! That is a beautiful beautiful beautiful mail!


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