Thursday, April 11, 2013


The custom yarn bowls from MaidOfClay are simply jaw-dropping!  I love the 3D features and how you can pull the yarn through the mouth of the cat.

And you can choose the color of the fur and eyes so it resembles your own cat. This next one actually looks a lot like mine.

MaidOfClay also has a few adorable bunnies. This one is a little vase. The opening on top is heart shaped, isn't that cute?

And though most of the items in the shop are bowls and vases, you can also get this adorable bunny pendant. I love that it has a little flower.

To see more items follow this link.


  1. Those yarn bowls are AMAZING!!! Love them!

  2. Oh my gosh, kitties! Can never resist a cute kitty. I'm actually not super into the whole pulling the yarn through the mouth bit, but the bowls themselves look amazingly made, wow.

    1. They have a regular yarn bowl exit on the other side as well. Which might look a little less creepy;)
      But I have a feeling you could ask for a regular bowl from the seller too. It should be less work for her anyway, right?

  3. This shop is so awesome! Very creative and beautiful ceramics!

  4. SUPER cute - going to check out shop now!

  5. How cute is that? Clever, very clever.


    Jules of Canines & Couture


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