Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: MaryLou

Last week I got a little something from the Benelux facebook-shop MaryLou in the mail. It contained a lovely vintage business card and, of course, a little package.

In it was a lovely vintage inspired owl necklace. What I love about it, apart from the obvious fact that it's really cute, is that she thought of some neat little tricks.
As it's long enough to pull over your head anyway, it doesn't have a clasp on it or anything. Those can itch sometimes, so I was quite pleased it was all chain in the back.

The other thing I really liked is that the owl has room to move, but the little flower is fastened to the chain. That way, when the necklace slides around your neck, the owl will always hang in the center. Also, the loops around the pearls are very neat and secure!

Below you'll see a selection of other items MaryLou has to offer. The jewelry is nice and affordable and always has a vintage feel to it. The facebook-shop only ships to Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands, but a real webshop might open up in the future.

If you want to stay up to date I suggest you like the facebook page. And if you are from the Benelux and see something nice just email Marcelien -you'll find the address in her shop- to place your order. And for all you Dutch speaking girls there is a blog as well.

P.S. MaryLou sent me the necklace, but I wasn't paid any money to do this review. These are all my honest opinions.


  1. love the blue owl
    enjoy your your weekend

  2. Aww, that is just too cute!

    And I have used my stamps on fabric with fabric paint - it turned out great. Like the elephants on the blue fabric ;)


  3. I think her jewelry creations look beautiful. How nice that the owl necklace can fit over your head and the owl will stay centered.

  4. Aw, that owl necklace is so cute! Love her creations!
    Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  5. awwww super cute! i love the pop of color!
    -Deana, Birds&Oxfords

  6. dankjewel voor het komen kijken en je lieve comments op mijn blog :) ik heb even een beetje bij jpu rond gekeken en je hebt zelf ook een hele leuke blog! Ik ga je volgen!

  7. No clasp is really smart! Definitely super cute ^_^

  8. Cute! That necklace is so you!


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