Thursday, April 4, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, my birthday is coming up very soon! Within two weeks actually. So I thought I'd do a longer wishlist post than I usually do. And I promise it'll be cute!

I just adore these beautifully illustrated polka dot mugs!

This awesome reusable cat pouch is full of lovely stickers. The best thing about? The back of the pouch actually shows the back of the cat's head, not the front again -like most would-!

Is it just me, or does the color mint stop any design from getting childish? Either way, I'd definitely wear this bag! Other colors are available too by the way. As is an amazing backpack.
These little journals are amazing! They even have some colored pages in them as well. Also, 3 bucks and no shipping. Can't beat that, right?

Words can not describe how wonderful these creamers are! I love both of them! Yes... there is a bunny too. Just click here.

These silver pendants stole my heart! They are Chinese zodiac signs and thankfully mine -the sheep- is one of my favorites.

The other I really adore is the rabbit. It's so pretty! But they're all adorable really, just take a look at all by clicking here.

How cute is this shirt? And I love how it's almost up to scale too, so everything falls were it should be. Threadless never fails to make me reach for my wallet smile.

And last, but definitely not least, are Laura Frisk's amazing pillows! So many creatures to choose from and you can even pick the colors of the fabric and the ink.

Is it weird that everything on my list is some sort of animal or creature, or at least has a face? Perhaps so, but I guess those just make me smile the most. And isn't that what birthdays are about?


  1. I have a Birthday this month too- I might steal your wishlist! x

  2. Verjaren en daar naar uitkijken.. Er is niets leuker dan dat! Tof handtasje!

  3. I love the cat pouch and the pillows! adorable!


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