Saturday, February 25, 2012

Smelled the Perfume of a Waxing Moon

Somehow the song wouldn't copy into the post, but I meant the picture to go with this.
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Today was a very long day, but a very nice one too. I had orders to finish and errands to run and even managed to enjoy the sunnier weather we've been having. I planned my proper computer-time in for tomorrow and am off to bed now.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend too. Do you have any special plans?


  1. I've enjoyed the sunny weather too :) I should be working now, but I think my mind has had enough for today. Will probably leave it until tomorrow, but don't want to spend my whole weekend working. Ah well. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! xx

  2. Yay for sunny weather :) It was actually chilly here today for a change! (As in wearing a light coat, which is a big deal here in Florida!)
    No special plans for me, just lots of relaxing!
    Enjoy your weekend :)
    xo Heather


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