Sunday, February 19, 2012

In the Mail...

I got the cutest package in the mail from Suki!
Two beautiful and thoughtful gifts accompanied by a lovely Beth Wilson postcard.

It included an amazing handmade owl button, made with a painted collage.

And an adorable lavender heart! Suki actually has a few of these in her Etsy shop. They're all made with different colors and different vintage embroidered fabrics and they're all very cute.

Thanks so much, Suki!


Also, I thought now would be a good time to catch up on some things I had in the mail at Christmas time. I know... a long time ago, but that doesn't make them any less cool!

I did a little swap with Julia and this is what I got:

And I also received some other cute gifts! A variety of amazing goodies from Hannah:

And an adorable coffee cozy made by RobbieLee!

Have you had anything fun in the mail lately? Or perhaps you're currently waiting on something to arrive?


  1. It's always lovely to see visible evidence of things I've made arriving in someone else's hands! Thank you so much for sharing this on the blog!

    And I'm so glad you showed us the other things too. So many cute things... Hannah's parcel looks fantastic!

  2. p.s. you're really good at photographing things in your hands! I didn't think this would be hard till I tried it myself ;)

  3. Everything so so cool! I love the little bow an the owl pin! Also the little pink striped owl form Julia. Swaps are so much fun.

  4. Ooh swaps do look fun! Your blog's too neat to pass up. I decided to follow ya! I am terrible at making crafts & such but I do admire work from others so so much.
    By the way - I've just became cocorosie obsessed as well! Haha you know, that beginning stage where your listening on repeat in your car wherever you go? I haven't gone to their show, so you can probably guess I'm insanely jealous you've been to 4 shows.
    xx, anna

  5. cute swaps and buys! i love the umbrella fabric :3

  6. Aww these are all so cute! Speaking of which, I still need to make you something lovely for our Pay it forward thing! Eep!
    xo Heather

  7. Ooh I love seeing my pictures getting sent out into the world :D

    I love that Owl button, gorgeous


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