Thursday, February 9, 2012

Misty Moments

This is one of my favorite cardigans. It's from Nümph and I love their stuff. Due to their great quality materials and great designs it's always gorgeous, but unfortunately also often budget-exceeding. This was a very lucky online on sale find.

I absolutely love wearing it with the necklace Jill made to look exactly like my cat Misty. Go here to have your custom cat necklace made.

Lastly, here's my moonstone ring. I love moonstone, have always loved it, it even preceeds my love for grey clothing, which turned out to work very well with my love for this gemstone.

Do you have any favorite gemstones? My absolute favorite is probably Labradorite, which is bound to make an appearance on the blog sooner or later too.


  1. I love that cardigan :)

    My favourite gemstone is either rose quartz or labradorite depending on my mood ;)

  2. The cardigan is precious! And I really like the moonstone ring. I really like opal.

  3. Wow, I did not know how much I needed a custom cat necklace until right this very moment. That is adorable. And I love the cardigan!

  4. i absolutely love the cardigan! and i have to get a kitty necklace too. i love those and would love to have two of them, looking like my babies.

  5. oooh, the cardigan does look really lovely. the moonstone ring is really beautiful and caught my attention as well. the grey stone is quite unusual :) x

  6. That cardigan is very very cute, and I'm going to look at the cat necklaces now!!!

  7. Love your accessories :)

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  8. Yay, I am soooo happy that you posted this! I absolutely love it all: cardigan, cat charm and ring. You have great style, Laura.

    As for stones: I love moonstone and opal. I also love the sapphires in my engagement ring. They are very special because my then-boyfriend thought they were emeralds and he knew I loved emeralds... since then they always became known as the blue emeralds!

  9. Pearls for sure! Not sure if it is technically a gem stone, but it's my favorite none the less! Love your little cardigan... so cute!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    CAKED Vintage

  10. In addition to your cute sweater, adorable cat necklace (yeah Jill) and beautiful ring, I love the gemstone Ammolite.

    Loulou Downtown

  11. GUH. I can't get over how gorgeous that sweater is! Absolutely love how you styled it with that necklace <3


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