Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

Personally I did quite a lot. I had an important appointment and later on dinner at a friend's house. Though I have to admit I also spent some time watching sitcoms...

What have you done with your extra day today? Did you use it to tackle your to-do list or perhaps to relax guilt-free because, hey, it's an extra day, right?


  1. Time with friends is time well spent ;). I volunteered at the library, as usual, and today it was a busy day because we're having a "2 bucks a bag" sale these days. It's so cool to snap so many books for just $2 a bag :p. Although it's a lot of work to keep the shelves restocked, hehe.

    Hope you're having a great week! ;D



  2. I took the relaxation approach. After catching up on emails and the blog I went shopping with the roommate and bought thai food for lunch :] I love having an extra day.

  3. I worked 9-5, and then came home and did some laundry/cello practicing/ being lazy.

  4. I had the busiest day of my year so far, haha! LIttle one had me up at 4.40am, at work by 8am, worked through lunch, home at 7pm! But then I could relax and chatted to a good friend for 45min on the phone, lying on the sofa -heaven!

    I'm glad we both were able to spend some time with friends this leap year :)

    Giveaway is up on the blog! here's the link!

  5. Haha. I worked the whole day... but I do that everyday. :)


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