Friday, February 3, 2012

Lovely Movies: Babies

The documentary Babies is something else. In the best way possible. It's not often you can see something without any narrative or dialogue, yet still be completely fascinated and entertained.

You get a peek at the growing up of four babies from different parts of the world and get to see both the differences as well as what they have in common.

And if you do secretly want to hear someone talk about it, you can see the interviews with the parents in the extras of the dvd.


  1. I've never heard of this, but it actually sounds really neat! I'll have to watch it :)

  2. I watched this film when I had a small baby and found it so reassuring: they all end up doing roughly the same things in spite of the huge differences in parenting! I'd love to watch it again.

  3. I watched this with a friend of mine a year or two back. It was so sweet :]

  4. AH! I saw part of this documentary last year in my Human Development class. We were discussing similarities and differences in parenting styles between the different cultures. I enjoyed it. It was super cute!

  5. oooh I loved this movie! so interesting. and of course adorable.


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