Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pretty Paintings: Juliette Crane

 Today's artist is Juliette Crane. Luckily for us, she does loads of incredible owls, that are so magical and unique!

I love how she uses different materials to make one spectacular piece! Her art work has a very folklore-dream-like vibe.
From what I've seen so far she always paints one single creature/person per piece, but she puts so much heart and soul into them that it looks like she's created an entire world on that one canvas or board.

Check out Juliette's Etsy store if you're looking for a pretty print, or perhaps even an original. It's usually packed with spectacular art lockets as well, but it seems she's currently sold out.

If you'd like to keep up with Juliette's work, you should head on over to her amazing blog. It is full of updates, start-to-finish recaps and even a freebie for Valentine's Day.

And if you'd like to learn from the best, you can! There are online painting courses you can take. Currently you can choose between How to Paint an Owl or How to Paint a Girl.

So there are lots of possibilities, whether it's just viewing her art, wearing her art or making art of your own.



  1. Oh wow! These are so cool! They're so unique! The owls are cute ;) But I really love the people!
    xo Heather

    1. You are right, those girls have something super special! :)

  2. I love Juliette's owls and her blog too, especially when she shares things that inspire her.

  3. Beautiful prints, thanks for the tip!!

  4. thank you so much for having me here! and thank you for your kind comments too! and yes, i've sold out of all of my lockets, but have more coming soon! anyone who's interested can sign up for my newsletter via my website and i'll be sure to let everyone know when they're available ( !

    best wishes!

  5. Oh, these are so sweet and whimsical- I especially love the first one.

  6. These are so interesting and pretty! I really adore the lion with the orange polka dot dress. Thank you for sharing!


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