Saturday, June 25, 2011


So many fabulous things found online again, let's kick it all off with:

This amazing woodgrain bathing suit, why is that not a hype yet?

I've always wanted to make fruit leather, and I have a feeling it might be even more delicious with rhubarb in it.

I love silhouettes and I love kittens, so why not combine the two?

My love for birds goes beyond owls really(although yes, they are my absolute favorite!), I find that lots of birds and birdy items make me happy, like this one:

Leaded light owl? And not just that: an owl-boy, which makes it twice as good!

Pretty stationary never gets old, don't think I have a bird planner yet...

This t-shirt is awesome! I love the totoro-like forest creature and the owl on top of course.

Let us end with this irresistable kitten!

I know I said I didn't need any more things and here I am lusting after all sorts of stuff. Alright, alright, I must admit, that shopping itch has come back a little. And I may or may not have brought back a few(or a bunch) of dvds today, but that doesn't mean my plan isn't still in action. I'm hoping to do some organizing again tomorrow. And even throw out some old dvds to make up for the new ones today.

Never would have thought I'd be a "one thing in, one thing out" kinda girl, but it has started to feel right. Hope to keep this train going!


  1. I recently made fruit leather for the first time. It was soooooo delicious!

  2. I occasionaly buy some, but homemade is probably so much better. But I read that it takes a lot of time in the oven, or a dehydrator. Do you know any other way perhaps?

  3. Such fun images! I love that little planner. So darling. And that suit! So great! I've never seen anything like it.

    I've made fruit leather a couple times. It does take forever in the oven on the lowest setting. What I've done is started it in the evening so that it can do most of the work while I sleep. I am a bit paranoid so I set my alarm so I could check on it a couple times over night. There was never anything wrong... I could've just slept the whole time. But if you have several racks you can fill several cookie sheets and make a bunch at once. I found that adding pink lady apples to each batch worked well as a sweetener. Have fun! <3

  4. Love your picks! Am now craving fruit leather and desperately wanting a woodgrain swim suit!


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