Monday, June 27, 2011

Blue, the color of our planet from far, far away

Last year I wrote about Regina Spektor, but at the time I hadn't hear the cd Far yet. I recently ordered it and the first few times I played it I didn't think that much of it, but then I suddenly got it and was addicted.

It's probably her most mainstream cd so far, though some people don't like it because of how she sings at times. But I absolutely love it, I love her "weirder" songs too though. Usually I don't like it when people seem to want to "please the masses", often their true sound gets lost in the process, but even though this cd is slightly more "normal" she has kept the things that make her so special and so lovely. Could I possibly use any more quotation marks;)

I really wanted to show you the video of Laughing With, because I love the song and also because the video is so beautiful and fascinating, I urge you to check it out HERE.


  1. I am a new fan. I would love you to follow me back too My-2-Cents
    Thank you
    my_2_cents at hotmail dot com

  2. Miss Spektor is a favourite of mine...though I rarely share it with anyone, because I'm afraid my friends will think her silly and not wonderful like I do! This is why I'm glad for online friends...<3

  3. I love RS- listen to her on Pandora all the time.


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